Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Dangerous?

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You don’t have to look far to find scandalous headlines about the Brazilian Butt Lift. Catapulted to popularity by social media influencers, this booty-enhancing fat transfer procedure is no stranger to controversy and plastic surgeon Dr. Luke Swistun is here to set the record straight.

Dr. Swistun walks us through how plastic surgeons banded together to improve outcomes and prevent patient deaths, outlining exactly how the BBL should be safely performed and what the risks are if someone decides to leave the US for surgery or chooses a surgeon who is not properly trained.

When done correctly, a BBL can redistribute your fat from the places you don’t want it, to the places you do. This procedure can change your shape for the better and last for years to come.

Find out what happens if you gain or lose weight in the future, why butt implants are usually not a good alternative, and what to expect during the unusual challenges of recovering from a surgery that requires you to avoid sitting on your butt.


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