Septoplasty + Septorhinoplasty: Combining Deviated Septum Surgery and Cosmetic Nose Surgery to Breathe Better (and Look Great!) [Part 2 of #RiedlerKnowsNoses]

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Breathing through your nose is one of those basic things you take for granted until you can’t do it anymore. Guest host Laura Cain talks with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kiersten Riedler about nose surgery, specifically the septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeries she does to fix the inside and outside of the nose.

If you’re used to going through life with restricted nasal passages, you might not even realize how much better it could be. The septoplasty is surgery to straighten or correct a deviated septum, while a rhinoplasty is surgery to change the shape of the nose for either cosmetic or functional purposes.

If someone wants to change the inside of their nose as well as its outside structure, it can be done in two surgeries, but it’s preferred to do them together (septorhinoplasty) because it’s less time under anesthesia, less recovery, and easier on the surgeon.

Laura asks Dr. Riedler all the questions people are too afraid to ask, from the impact of past cocaine use on the inside of her nose to her honest thoughts on Michael Jackson’s nose.

Even though nose surgery looks dramatic on tv shows like Botched, it doesn’t require a hospital stay and Dr. Riedler reassures us that it’s not that scary and you can go home the same day.

Dr. Riedler discusses the ins and outs of recovery after a rhinoplasty and septoplasty, where to find reliable information about nose procedures, the revision rate for nose procedures, septal perforation caused by addiction and whether it is fixable, and more.

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