Patient Kathleen: How I Got Life Flighted To My Nose Job

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For our patient Kathleen Lisson, an accident while hiking in the desert led to a broken nose, which led her straight to Dr. Brahme for a rhinoplasty… and while he was at it, a face lift, brow lift, neck lift, chin implant, fat transfer to her cheeks, and a septoplasty to fix her deviated septum.

Not everyone seeks cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons; sometimes it’s necessary following an accident or injury.
For Kathleen, a freak accident while hiking in the desert was the catalyst that caused her to move forward with everything she’d been dreaming about.

As a lymphedema therapist, Kathleen had seen the results of Dr. Brahme’s work while helping other plastic surgery patients who had seen him for facial rejuvenation. She always knew that if she decided to get any type of cosmetic surgery, he’d be the one she would trust to do it.

In this episode, Kathleen tells the crazy story of how she broke her nose and ended up getting her dream face at LJC. From her perspective as a patient and a trusted professional caring for other plastic surgery patients, you won’t want to miss her expert advice for a smooth recovery.

See Kathleen's before and after photos:

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